CCC alumni members are America’s living treasures!

PLEASE take the time to record their story for posterity.

You can also submit the interview to Youtube or Goggle.

Their story must be saved for posterity for future generations.
See our examples!


Questions are optional for a 5 to 15 minute interview.


1. Do you (CCC Alumni) have any notes, photographs, memorial books, sketches or other CCC documents that can be recorded and shown on video while being interviewed? Consider having these memorabilia kept by your family; or, donate them to the CCC Legacy or the Smithsonian.

2. Ask their name, age and current address to provide the listener with basic biographical data.

3. Where were they when they joined the CCC and how and why did they enroll?

4. How long did they participate in the CCC, and in what kind of Camp(s)? (Agencies such as NPS, USDA/Forest Service/Soil Conservation, etc).

5. What kind of transport was used to get to Camp(s)?

6. What kind of work did you do; and, with what types of tools?

7. What was your monthly pay rate and how much was sent home?

8. Can you describe the typical structures that where in your Camp(s)?:

9 Can you describe your typical day’s work in the CCC from reveille to taps; such as, meals, hours worked, types of work clothing you wore, etc.?

10. What kind of projects where undertaken?

11. Describe the formal CCC training and education that you received; and, did you use it later in life?:

12. What was the best memory you have of the CCC?


13. Should our government re-establish the CCC for future generation like yours?


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                                                                      - environmental writer and author - Edward Abbey (1927-1989)